Behaviour Secrets That WORK…


Perhaps you’re having difficulty with anger, with night times and sleeping, defiance and are stressed, overstretched and in need of support to manage.

I can help you feel LESS stressed…

The tips, strategies and techniques that ‘behaviour experts’ tell you to use just don’t work.

I’ve been there too.

I have a company; CareChooser. My carers armed with the same techniques care for those living at home with dementia. I’ve also worked with extreme behaviour in schools in London and been called ‘a child whisperer’.

But it wasn’t always that way…

I taught children in London for 10 years and behaviour was my WEAK point.

I was stressed.

And whatever I was told to do by ‘behaviour experts’, therapists, headteachers and seniors and more didn’t work.

At my second school, as I was walking down the corridor one afternoon…

My amazing forward-thinking headteacher handed me some papers.

2 photocopied sheets stapled together in the top corner.

I began reading it that evening. I was desperate to end the stress and the rudeness, defiance and aggression that each evening I dreaded and knew was coming again the next day and the day after that.

I began reading.

It was different to what the ‘experts’ normally say, the opposite in fact.

I thought this was strange but I knew things had to change, I continued to read…

The next day I tried some of the new things suggested and the reaction from the children was different, I think they were as confused as I was.

BUT the following few days things got worse than before!

It said on the papers that it would. The children tested me.

But I continued with the small changes and like magic the defiance and rudeness began to vanish and so did the aggression and then my stress began to lift too.

A year later, I changed schools.

Incredibly, behaviour was beginning to become my strength because of some small changes.

It was becoming easy and I moved into working with SEN and working with those with EXTREME behaviour!

Before I arrived at the new school in the new role, I was warned that one child I was due to work with had attacked a ‘behaviour expert’ when they ‘tried’ to assess him.

I began working with him in my class of 6 children with extreme behaviour and emotional difficulties.


I started to use the secrets and to put together some scripts of what to say and what to do for my team I was working with.

They said it would never work and looked at me with suspicion!

Strangely they wanted to carry on with the old techniques that didn’t work (It’s not for everyone).

I said the same simple words each time and using these new techniques the child’s behaviour was near perfect (in THREE days!)

The school thought it was a miracle and one of the parents called me ‘the child whisperer’!

Confidence grew. I went on to lead a trip with qualified play therapists to Bangladesh who trained groups of people teaching and playing with children in street schools on the streets of Dhaka.

I’ve also worked with the elderly living with dementia and the same techniques WORK.

With my company CareChooser, my carers armed with the same techniques care for those living at home with dementia.

Perhaps you’d like to work with me and find out the exact words to say and simple actions to follow.

To deal with defiance, violence, rudeness, sleep, bed time difficulties, sibling rivalries and way more.

I’m taking on some coaching clients and have just 3 spaces before the end of this month.

We have different packages available all done with video coaching, weekly calls or 1:1 coaching and training.

Send me a message on WhatsApp here, or fill out the form below for a call back or send me a message on Facebook here and I’ll get the details sent through to you.

Love the techniques and secrets! I feel confident and the behaviour has changed so much.
— Sarah Jones

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You’re a child whisperer! Thank you!
— Susan Vaughan
Wow! Thank you so much for supporting me with Tyrese. You’ve been just brilliant.
— Mary Atsutse