Home Care in Enfield - Karen

Karen is a home carer in Enfield. She has supported people as a health care assistant, a support worker and as a mental health worker. She is also a phlebotomist. 

Karen is committed, compassionate and caring.

Karen is currently available for long sessions at the weekends. 

Perhaps you'd like to send her a message or book a meeting with her. 

What qualifications does Karen have?

Kia has completed the NHS Care of back certificate, NHS Child safety certificate, NHS Confidentiality code of conduct certificate, NHS Conflict awareness certificate and the NHS Equaility and Diversity certificate.

She has also completed traning in the following, done with the NHS; Fire safety awareness certificate, health and risk certificate, Infection control certificate, Information governance certificate, pvma conflict management, risk awareness certificate, safe guarding adults certificate.

How much does Karen cost?

Kia's current rate is £16.97 per week.

We're currently offering a lower price of £16.77 per week, this price will be for the duration of the contract but is available for next 5 days only.

Booking a meeting with her secures the lower price. This is the full amount to pay and includes our fee and the carer's car bonus.

Add a small additional 10% for care for a second person.

It also currently includes access to suggestions from our experienced GP and access to the carer's online care journal usually valued at £7/month.

How do the profiles work & what do the symbols mean?

We've have a brief guide and a video explaining our profiles, click here.

How do I get started?

Simple. You can call our experts on 0208 886 0686 and use the live chat below, leave a message for Karen or request a call back with the forms below.

We can arrange for you to meet with Karen or introduce her to your loved one for you.