How Does Night Care Work?

Our new Q&A series - Your night care questions answered.

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Why night care?

Caring for a loved one during the night can be really tough, night after night can really take it's toll. Having some support through the night once or twice a week can really help to give some much needed respite.

I'll have to have night care every night, right?

Not at all, night care is becoming increasingly popular amongst our clients. Many of clients have night care support once or twice a week. In fact we find flexible night care once or twice a week works very well and live in care is usually a better and much more affordable way to find night care on a longer term basis.

Will there be a different care each time?

No. We're taking a different route to the traditional agency model where you get 7 different carers across 7 different days and potentially hundreds across the space of a few months. You'll meet and select one carer and over time they'll build a strong relationship with you and your loved one.

Will the carer recieve minimum or close to minimum wage?

No. Different again! We empower our carers, we pay them up to 75% more than at other agencies and we allow them to set their own rates of pay. We give them more time with clients (minimum 1 hour visits) and manageable reporting online. We celebrate our carers and they stay with us and build strong, long lasting relationships with their clients. There's a caveat to this, we find that our clients who get the best results, work with us to empower the carers. Allow them time to settle in, time to build a relationship and have reasonable expectations on time and tasks. We understand not everyone wants to work this way, if we are not a good fit, we'll point you in the direction of another company.

How long does the shift last?

Flexible. We'll come and meet with you and do a consultation (always free!) we'll work together to see which hours will work best. 8 to 9 hours works well, but we're flexible and can work around you to get the best fit.

What's a waking night?

There are different ways in which night care can work. Carers can be awake, alert and monitoring during the shift (waking night) or they can sleep in and be on call during the night, we find monitors and being based in close proximity works well.

How much does night care cost?

As with our day care, hourly care and live in care, we have night carers with a range of skill sets, experience and training. Each carer will charge a rate based on these skills which will be stated on the profile (includes our rate). The average price is around £15-16 per hour.

We have a great Care Success Team, if there's any way we can help at all get in touch. Choose your night carer today.