Carer’s FAQ


What's the support like at CareChooser?

We don't have loads of layers of management telling you what to do and checking up on you. We know you are an expert at what you do. We allow and support you to make decisions for yourself (we don't do blaming). Christopher is here to support you when you need it (see reviews).

We also have an experienced (and awesome) GP on our team who can give you suggestions if/when you need them.

Why is CareChooser any different to other companies?

A companies culture comes from the top right? The values we expect from you, we show ourselves. You'll find founder Christopher to be positive and trusting. Come see for youself (and give us feedback - that's how we get better).

So what's the pay like at CareChooser?

Starts at £11.50/hr. We then pay an extra £0.50/hr if you drive, another £0.50/hr if you are doing personal care and an extra £0.50/hr again if you are a CareChooser Plus carer (verified for quality & compassion and scoring highly in every area).

Loadsa' paperwork to do right?

Nope. We make everything as simple as possible. No need to write in a folder every day that no one reads. No need to write down the same things again and again each day. A simple form on your phone - takes 30 seconds.

But self-employed is going to be difficult?

Nope. We'll support you (lots) with this. Way less paperwork than normal agencies, plus we do it all for you and then it'll take just 30 seconds a week to edit what we did. Simple.

So how do I join?

Fill out the short form here ( it's not one of those hour long forms). It takes 5-10 mins. Tell us about yourself and how you've supported people in the past. Upload (or send via email/WhatsApp) a photo for the profile and your DBS certificate (if you don't have one we can help).


Know a friend working for a not so great/terrible company?

Tell them join us now - send a message on WhatsApp here:


Ever thought about starting your own care company?

We can help. Our new course from our founder is coming soon to help you start. Tips and tricks to save you thousands.

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