I feel guilty. I saw my family go through difficult times…

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We struggled to find consistent, quality private home care for my Grandad.

It was heartbreaking.

The idea came. Why couldn’t you choose to work with a consistent, friendly, private carer who you could build up a relationship with over time. The search began for the very best private carers.
— Christopher - Founder of CareChooser

Christopher founded CareChooser in 2016.

He’s an Alzheimer's Society trainer. He recently delivered a dementia talk at City Hall; part of Mayor of London's plan to make London the world's most dementia friendly city. Expertise in dementia, sleep and private care.

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Malcolm is a GP with over 30 years’ experience working in the NHS.

His experience is invaluable to CareChooser’s team, carers and clients. He’s available for questions, suggestions and tips.

Malcolm is innovative and forward thinking and loves re-building old cars!

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Michelle is an experienced nurse and former practice manager. She advises CareChooser on care.

She’s also a charity trustee for a charity that works with palliative care in Nepal.

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