I feel guilty. I saw my family go through difficult times…

We struggled to find consistent, quality care for my Grandad.

It was heartbreaking.

The idea came. Why couldn’t you choose to work with a consistent, friendly, private carer who you could build up a relationship with over time. The search began for the very best private carers.
— Christopher - Founder of CareChooser
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Christopher founded CareChooser in 2016. He volunteers for the Alzheimer's Society & recently delivered a dementia talk at City Hall; part of the Mayor of London's plan to make London the world's most dementia friendly city.

Christopher is also heavily involved in holding the media, such as BBC & Mirror and accountable for using more positive empowering language in relation to dementia.

Malcolm is a GP with over 30 years’ experience working in the NHS. His experience is invaluable to CareChooser’s team, carers and clients. He’s innovative and forward thinking and loves re-building old cars!

Michelle is an experienced nurse and former practice manager. She advises CareChooser on care. She’s also a charity trustee.

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