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CareChooser Specialist Dementia & Behaviour Coaching

Perhaps you’re having difficulty with your loved ones and are stressed, overstretched and in need of support to manage.

We can help you feel LESS stressed…

We go into depth and show you how to reduce behaviours and give you the exact strategies to use, words to say and… we show you the things that are secretly making the situations worse day by day.

Join our specialist dementia & Alzheimer’s coaching with CareChooser’s founder Christopher.

Christopher specialises in behaviour and dementia and is an Alzheimer’s Society Dementia champion and trainer.

We educate you on conditions, communication and strategies in turn helping you set up boundaries, deal with a crisis when one occurs and also how to prevent a crisis from occurring in the first place and much more…

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Christopher is the founder of CareChooser. He volunteers as an Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Champion and leads their Dementia Friend sessions. Christopher particularly specialises in behaviour. He has experience leading specialist behaviour interventions… that work.

Perhaps you’ve tried what the agencies and the ‘experts’ say.

It didn’t work. Usually makes things worse if anything.

Christopher tried doing what the experts said, it didn’t work. He uses an approach that is very different, simple and it works…

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