Why would I use CareChooser instead of a traditional high street care agency?

CareChooser is an affordable and simple way to find a carer. It’s the best of a traditional care agency with local care experts on the ground combined with the 24-hour efficiency of an online service. You get a dedicated local care expert and a consultation. You can look at carer profiles online as well as meeting them in person and track care online. Plus people seem to love us.

How does CareChooser work?

Fill in the form and register your details. We'll get in touch and see if it seems that we can help you and we're a good fit we'll explain how it works and help you narrow your options so you can make a decision.

We take care of the matching and the admin for you.

Can I book carers for 30 minutes?

There has been a growing trend to provide 15-30 minute slots of care. Carers dash in, completing or half-completing tasks before dashing out.

Our expertise is in morning care & live in care.

We occasionally, only where we can really help and it's a really good fit provide 2, 3 and 4 and more hour bookings.

Why can't I pay carers directly?

Payment is received into and held in CareChooser's secure client account, this is held by Natwest. The amount in this account remains the property of you, the client until after the care has taken place and deemed satisfactory. After the care has been deemed satisfactory, funds will be released to the carer. This process is designed to protect the client and to maintain the highest possible standards of care. Paying the carer indirectly will put the ability of the carer to work with our platform in the future in doubt as it breaches our terms.

Is CareChooser registered with the CQC?

No. The CQC itself states that 'You should not register if you provide carers in the role of an employment or introductory agency'. However, CareChooser uses CQC's guidelines and standards as a minimum. We do not direct or manage the care directly. We have a fantastic advisory team with a nurse and former practice manager and a GP with over 30 years' experience who advise us on maintaining high quality care.

If you're an introductory agency, why do you charge an ongoing introductory fee rather than an upfront sum?

Our introductory fee is a small ongoing fee. This gives us a great incentive to introduce great carers that will maintain long lasting relationships. This also means if you are seeking a carer for a short period of time or need to contract a new carer you can do so without a large upfront fee getting in the way.

How do you have criteria for new clients?

We do! It's very important that everyone at CareChooser fits with our trusting culture, please view our new Customer Carer success brochure to ensure you fit with this. It's not for everyone.

How do you check and vet carers?

We do multiple levels of checks on each carer. We start by checking, reveiwing and filtering carers applications and CVs. We telephone screen each carer ensuring they meet our values and trusting culture, we also look closely at their desire and caring nature. We meet each carer in person where they are subject to our competency questions which again align closely to our culture and what we're about. Carers complete an online profile and we also carry out enhanced DBS checks, ID and right to work checks and reference checks.

Are CareChooser carers self-employed?

Yes, they can earn up to 75% more than at a traditional agency, this enables us to maintain a high standard of care by recruiting only the top 5% of carers to join our platform. We select only the best carers to join us, those that fit with our key values.

Do you only offer care for the elderly?

No, CareChooser offers quality care for all over the age of 18. Our team have experience working with people of all ages and abilities living with different, varied conditions.

Do you offer care outside of London?

Yes, we can provide carers nationwide. Get in touch by filling out one of our get started forms and we'll provide you with a carer in your area.

Can I pay by Direct Payments?

Yes, CareChooser is able to receive Direct Payments. You can use your budget to pay for care privately. Get in touch and we'll find a carer in your area.

Do your carers speak English fluently?

Yes. We monitor carers' levels of spoken and written English in their initial applications and CVS, during telephone screening interviews, on profile forms and during face-to-face interviews. Strong communication is very important in forming strong relationships and trust and we have very high expectations.

Are your carers dementia trained?

All of our carers have different strengths, skills, qualifications and training. The carer's training and qualifications will be on their profile in the training section towards the bottom. We check and verify these.

Do I have to be a computer expert to use CareChooser?

Not at all – the website is very easy to use, and your local care expert is always available to help if you have any trouble at all. Drop your details on the form or give us a call. We'll discuss the requirements and send through some profiles of carers that are a match and then we'll arrange to meet. Just keep an eye on your email and phone!

Where else can I find information?

If you have questions we didn't cover, we'd be happy to answer them. We're live on the chat 👇 below - we usually answer within 30 seconds! 💫

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