Home Care - What Should I Consider?

Are you feeling like you don't know which questions to ask? Unsure about what to consider and feeling alone and abandoned by care professionals. As part of My Support Network, our network of support for you we've put together a short guide of things to consider if you're in need of some support to help with your loved ones. 

Home Care Questions - Other Episodes:

If you're thinking about getting home care to help support a loved one or looking at the option of a care home. There are lots of things to consider and think about. But what are they? 

Here's our list of questions to consider.

What type of support do I need? What do I need help with in order to support my loved one?

What type of medical or health condition do they have?

What types of things can they remain independent with and do by themselves?

What types of things will they need support with? Emotional support, physical support, what other tasks might they need help with?

Will they need some level of personal care?

How much care will my loved one need? Think about how long each task would take.

What type of care will my loved one need? 2-4 hours of care, full day care, night care, 24 hour live in care.

How much will the care cost? What is my budget? Will I qualify for a direct payment?

How long might they need the care for?

Are there specific things that they may need in a carer? Are there necessary qualifications, certificates or training that need to be considered to meet the need? What skills will the carer need? What would make a good match?

Will we need to prepare our loved one for the care in any way?

Coming up with the answers to these types of questions may help the family make a decision about the requirements for care.  They may also help you get an idea of the carer you are looking for and what would make a great match. 

If you need any help answering any of the questions, we are more than happy to offer help and support in any way we can and you can find a deeper version of this where we've explored the different answers to the questions for you. 

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