Home Care - Which fall alarm should I buy?

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Length - Short (2 mins) 

Call centre fall alarms

When triggered by an elderly relative, call centre fall alarms will automatically dial into the call centre who will deal with the fall.

Check their process and how it is they will deal with a fall.

These will usually be paid monthly subscriptions to the access the service plus an initial one off cost. 

Here's a short list of options for fall alarms (we're not paid or sponsored by these links) 

Age UK - £69 one-off payment. £45 quarterly. 

Saga - No start up cost and £19.14 monthly.

Indeme - 50% off 1st 3 months at £8.40per month and then £16.80 monthly.

SureSafe - £14.99 per month with 1st month free. 


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