Dementia Is Not Just About Memory

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Imagine the brain is a string of fairy lights...

When a person has dementia, some of the fairy lights may flicker or dim.

Why? Because dementia is a physical disease of the brain.

Depending on which light flickers or dims (which nerve cells in the brain are affected by the build up of plaque)...

That will determine which bodily function is affected by dementia.

Remember. It’s not just about memory.

If the part of the brain 🧠 that controls vision 👀 is affected, then the person’s vision will be affected.

If the communication between the nerve cells that control movement are affected... movement will become difficult.

Here’s yesterday’s video on dementia and fairy lights. 

Our carers provide you with specialised dementia care at home. Your loved ones will be looked after by carers with experience working and supporting people living with dementia and know how to adapt to the condition's changing nature.

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We are a dementia friendly organisation and we deliver the Alzheimer's Society's free 45 minute-1hour long Dementia Friends information session. This session takes a very positive view of dealing with dementia. One of it's key 5 messages is that it is possible to live well with dementia. We also strongly align to one of the key elements of the campaign to change the way people talk about dementia and changing from the use of the term 'dementia sufferer' to 'person living with dementia'. We regularly deliver the free Dementia Friends session and can also deliver it 1:1 to family members or to whole family groups.