Home Care - How do the carer profiles work?

Our carer profiles can be viewed online before you book, they give you a chance to understand a little more about the carer.

What do the symbols mean? Here we break down our profiles for you. 

We keep our profiles as up-to-date as possible, its worth double checking the status of the carer. Should you be interested in on of our carers there is a button below the profile where you can send a message to the carer.  Our telephone number is also below the profiles, so you can contact our expert care advisors to chat about a carer you are interested in or you can use the call back form and one of advisors will get back to you as soon as possible. Another alternative is the live chat at the bottom of the page, we're pretty responsive on there!! 

What do the carer profile symbols mean? 

These three symbols tell you which type of care the carer specialises in, home care, 24 hour live in care or night care. Some carers may be available for more than one type of care. 


This is the UK government's Disclose and Barring Service logo, formerly known as CRB  (Criminal Record Bureau check). Underneath this we update the status of the check; 'Checked & Approved' or 'Not Yet Checked & Approved' if we are in the process of approving the criminal record check. 

Home care locations.png

This symbol is our location icon. Next to this icon will be the carers' current location, where they are currently living. This is often one of the key, major factors in whether the carer will be a good local match.  

This is our drivers icon! If this icon is present on the home carer's profile then they have both a driver's license and a car. If they have just one of the two; a car or a licence but not the other or neither the icon will be absent from the profile. 

This icon indicates which health conditions the carer has previously worked with and supported, this could be either as a home carer, live in carer, night carer, in a care home setting or on a voluntary basis, some carers also have personal experience caring for family members with certain conditions. If you'd like further information about the carer's history, we're more than happy to provide the information. 

Home Care Qualifications.png

This icon on the profile indicates whether the carer has completed home care or social care training, certification or has completed qualifications. They will be listed below the icon on the profile along with information on the level at which the qualification was obtained such as NVQ, degree level and for Health and Social Care qulaifiactions will detail the level from 1-5. Level 1 is a fairly basic level, level 2 and 3 are both good levels. Level 4 is quite advanced and level is a management level qualification. 

This icon indicates the availability of the home carer. For live in carers this section may indicate when they are available or the length of their live in care shifts. Some carers do 1 week slots, others do 2, 3, 4 or 5 week or more slots. For home care and night care this section may indicate the hours the carer is currently available for. For more information and to check the current status of this please get in touch with our advisors to check. 

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