How do you make your home Dementia friendly this Christmas?

The Christmas period can be very difficult for those with Dementia and for family members of those with one of the many forms of Dementia.

Loud sounds, lots of people or indeed loneliness can be so difficult and confusing for those with Dementia, so how do you make your home Dementia friendly? Here are CareChooser's 8 small tips to make a difference to your festive period.

  1. Provide a quite space or area to retreat to.
  2. Give yourself and family members time to enjoy the festive period, is there someone who could help?
  3. Leave some lights on during the night.
  4. Leave a simple note or label on the doors of rooms to ease confusion
  5. Be empathic, make statements rather than questions - 'You are feeling... You want... '
  6. 1/3 of people with Dementia have been aggressive, this may be a sign of confusion, pain or communication. Try lowering your body, crouching down, speaking calmly.
  7. Use interests and likes to evoke memories.
  8. Try to find time for a call or a visit over the festive period.