Top Tips - Episode 6 - How to talk to parents about care (Bonus Tip)

Last week we shared some top tips on how to have a conversation with your parents about care.

You can read or watch the video of that here.

There's also a full guide on our website, - click here

A viewer commented on last week’s top tips with her own tip. She agreed that we could use her tip as this week’s bonus tip.


As you can see Karen recommends speaking to parents about care early, perhaps before the point where they lose their independence.

This may make it easier for them to think they are in control and to agree some guidelines for when that time comes.

Having the conversation about care when parents are at the point of losing independence can be more difficult.

If you are at that stage and you need support with that. Do have a look at our tips, there are some conversation starters, there’s also the guide and we are also here to listen or to help on 02088860686 or at

Share this with someone who needs to see it and watch out for the next episode. Have a great week. 

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