Quick Guide to Preventing Falls

Each year 1 in 3 adults over 65 falls with 20-30% of these falls causing moderate to severe injuries. So what steps can we take to help to prevent falls in the home?

  1. Remove clutter, organise cables and remove rugs which are a massive trip hazard.

  2. Dark or poorly lit areas are a hotspot for falls. Ensure easy to use lamps are by the side of the bed, consider nightlights and brighter bulbs.

  3. Furniture. Ensure furniture is tucked back out of the way, in particular side tables. Choose taller furniture with armrests and ensure there is enough space to walk around furniture safely.

  4. Choose low heel, comfortable, slip-resistant shoes and ensure they are easy to get on or off.

  5. Ensure all items are stored within reach. Items stored in or on cupboards that are either too low or too high create a risk of falling.

  6. Bathrooms are a hotspot for falls in the home. Install shower grip bars, add non-slip mats in and outside of the shower and add a raised toilet seat.

CareChooser's advisors are experienced at working on programmes and initiatives to prevent falls. We can come to the home of your loved one make suggestions to help to prevent falls.

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