How we solve the home care crisis.

Home care crisis

Home care is going through something of a crisis, barely a day goes by without a negative news item on our elderly care system. Our team have had first-hand experience of this. From disappointment, disillusion to feeling down, despondent, upset and frustrated.

A Solution

CareChooser was set up with key values in mind to underpin and create a solution to our care crisis. 

Thoughtfulness. Trust. Comfort. Independence. Togetherness.

We would expect, absolutely, that thoughtfulness, trust and comfort be present in all forms of care but are bemused that they quite simply are not. We are putting these values in place as standard. 

Independence and togetherness go hand in hand, we promote a level of independence in all of the people we care for. We focus on the ability of those we care for aiding them to do things no matter how small they may be by themselves, with support where necessary - together.

What does this look like?

Our carers may start and continue a small task and it may be completed by the client enabling them to retain a level of independence and with it self-esteem. Giving the tea a stir, putting the right arm through the shirt, the finishing touches. 

CareChooser focuses on these values; thoughtfulness, trust, comfort, independence and togetherness to create quite a unique level of care.