Private companionship in Pinhoe, Exeter - Linda

Linda lives in Pinhoe in Exeter. She has personal experience caring for her mother and is flexible and currently available.

Book a meeting with her in the next 5 days and lock in the lower price by calling 0208 886 0686 or emailing at

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How much does Linda cost?

Linda's current rate is £16.97 per hour. We're currently offering a lower price of £16.77 per hour, this price will be for the duration of the contract but is available for next 5 days only. This is the full amount to pay and includes our fee.

How do the profiles work & what do the symbols mean?

We've have a brief guide and a video explaining our profiles, click here.

How do I get started?

Simple. You can call our experts on 0208 886 0686 and use the live chat below, leave a message for Linda or request a call back with the form above and we'll arrange for you to meet with Linda.

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