What else could you buy for £200 million?

13.3 million hours of CareChooser care!

Brazilian footballer Neymar has been bought for £200m. It had me thinking, what else could you buy for 200 million pounds?

The average hourly rate at CareChooser for an hour of care is currently £15-16. At £15 that would buy 13.3 million hours of care. Incredible!

It would also buy 266,666 weeks of 24 hour, live in care.

In terms of Social Care on a wider scale. The £200m would pay for the 1 third of all of the private care in the whole of England for a whole year and you could pay for all of the private care in Wales for 13.3 years!

If you'd like to choose a carer, get in touch with us at hello@carechooser.com or send us a Facebook message or on the live chat below, it'll cost £199,999,985 less than a Brazilian footballer!

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