Dementia. A Social Disease - Who Pays?

Dementia - Series 2 - Episode 2.

This is the second in our new series on dementia. We’re continuing this week’s theme of funding.

There are 2 types/strands of funding; social care (council) funding, you pay for unless you’re eligible for home care funding and NHS healthcare funding, free.

Dementia is classed as a ‘social disease’. It usually falls under social care.

Personal care and activities of daily living such as cooking, dressing, washing, housekeeping all fall under social care funding with your local council.

You’ll have to pay for this privately unless you are means tested as eligible. The current threshold is £23,500 in cash or investments (not including your home for home care). Your home is also taken into consideration for care in a care home.

NHS support is free in the UK but for ‘complex’ health needs. A diagnosis of dementia does not qualify you for home care funding under the NHS. It depends on the severity of ‘health’ or ‘medical’ needs.

Things such as:

Physio, eye sight, hearing, footcare, speech and language, mental health.

Mobility, terminal illness, rapid deteriorating health, long-term conditions, physical or mental disdability.

Breathing, continence, communication, skin wounds, cognition.

Request an assessment from your local commissioning group (CCG). It’s health care funding so you can request this via your GP or social worker.

Most people talk about what their loved one can’t do. Cooking food, dressing, washing etc. This falls under social care. You need to think about health care needs.

Check out Care To Be Different. A website that provides support in gaining NHS funding.

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