What is Live in Care?

Our new Q&A series - Your live in care questions answered.

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What is live in care?

A carer will live in with your loved one providing one-to-one care around the clock allowing them to stay at home within their familiar surroundings.

Do carers require their own room?

Yes, with live in care, carers require their own private room with a bed. However, it's not necessary for the carer to have their own bathroom, this can be shared.

How does it work?

There are many different ways that live in care can work. A carer can work a few weeks at a time and then take a break with a second carer taking over. Another option is for Live in care to be provided for 5 days a week, the benefit of this option being the consistency of having just one carer. There is also the option of the carer living in permanently, the client and carer would then agree hours and days off.

How about food and drink?

The carer can be given a budget for food usually around £10 a day or there could be a more informal arrangement with the carer and the client eating together.

When would the carer have breaks?

This is flexible and it will be agreed with the carer you choose to work with. Usually the carer will have a 2 hour break during the day, they will usually be on call during this time.

How do the nights work?

The live in carer would sleep during the night but would be on call during this time. We find monitors or call alarms work very well.

How much does live in care cost?

Live in care provides very good value for money. Live in care starts at around £750 per week. Our carers have different skills, qualifications and experience and they set their own rates of pay. The total amount including the carer's rate and CareChooser's commission starts from £750 per week. The carer's weekly cost will be displayed on their profile with the amount showing being the total amount due. Some carers will charge a 24 hour day rate, others will charge for the week.

Could we have a live in carer for a couple?

es, we can provide care for a couple at home. The cost is slightly higher but provides very good value for money compared to day and night care and with the price for care homes.

What sorts of things would the live in carer do?

A carer provides home care such as personal care supporting your loved one with washing, grooming tasks and helping to get up in the morning and going to bed at night. The carer will also support with preparing meals, housekeeping, doing the shopping and taking your loved one to appointments. Our carers are flexible and we can tailor the tasks very much to your needs.

How would I keep track on my loved ones' care?

Each client has a secure page on the website. The carer will track certain aspects of the care which is customisable to the individual client, reports appear instantly on the client page. Our team of advisors which include a nurse and a GP also keep track of the care.

Do you just provide live in care in London?

No, CareChooser provides live in carers across the country. With CareChooser you compare profiles and choose your own carer.

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